Inspiration comes from many places. When you're learning a new craft, it's important to have many different sources of inspiration.

When The Woven Journey designer Cate began to learn bead weaving, she began by learning stitches and patterns from books. Like this bengal pattern from Marcia Balonis's book Lush and Layered Beadweaving.

"I loved the design of this bracelet right away. I knew that this would be a pattern I would love to customize." Said Cate when we spoke to her about ideas for her upcoming collection.

It may come as a surprise, but you can't just use someone else's pattern and sell items made from it, even if you've purchased the pattern. Patterns are about learning new stitches and ways to arrange beads. They're not meant to be copied step by step. If you're a true designer who loves to create new pieces, you really don't want to be selling someone else's designs anyway!

The designs on this sight were inspired by many pieces. Not all of them are being released in the opening collection. Some pieces take a lot of time to weave. Others are more difficult to design and repeat.

Bead weaving is an art. This piece is an odd-count peyote stitch. This inspiration piece is one that caught our eye right away.

Part of Nicole Vogt's collection of polychromatic cuffs, the stitch itself is difficult to execute. We're learning the design to launch our own line of cuff bracelets.

"Cuff designs are limitless! I think cuffs are a great way to express yourself and send a message." Cate is designing more than one line of cuff bracelets for upcoming collections. "I have some custom orders to fill before I can start producing multiple pieces for sale. I'm really excited about cuffs!"

After seeing some of Cate's inspiration material, we're excited too! It's amazing what a skilled hand can do with tiny beads! Not all of the oprojects are about tiny beads, though. Some are about delicate design.

Another of Marcia Balonis's designs, Cate is adapting this one for an upcoming wedding jewelry collection. The original design calls for just Swavorski cabochons, but Cate has gone all out and used Swavorski crystals for extra shine surrounding the jeweled centers.

"You won't even recognize this piece when I'm done with it." Cate says, giving us a sneak peak of the unfinished piece. Her take on this design is lovely, we agree!

Although these beautiful designs will not be for sale, learning the stitches and designs have complemented the woven pieces in the opening collection. Though Cate used these pieces for inspiration, we believe it is her unique eye for color that really makes her creations shine!

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