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About The Woven Journey

Finding Our Way

The Woven Journey is about a journey of healing.  Our founder, Cate, started bead weaving as a way to cope with trauma. Cate's childhood was fraught was traumatic, abusive events.  It wasn't until she started meditating that some of those memories were unlocked.

To deal with the traumatic memories returning, she turned her focus to learning a new craft.  As a child, she and her sister had made hundreds of friendship and beaded bracelets. Working with tiny beads brought a place of peace and focus.

The COVID-19 pandemic was raging and Cate’s industry, hospitality, had taken a dive overnight at the beginning.  There were no daycare options for her 4 year old.  Her hands were tied. One day a friend started looking at her many pieces and suggested she sell them.  The Woven Journey was born.

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